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November 7, 2023


R. G. Niederhoffer Firm Overview – EOM Oct

R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management — EOM October 2023 Performance Estimates

RGN Smart Alpha TearSheet – EOM Oct 2023

RGN Smart Alpha Program-DDQ Oct 2023

RGN Smart Alpha PnL by Sector and Strategy – EOM Oct 2023

RGN-Smart-Alpha-Program – Net Monthly Returns as of 31 Oct 2023

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October 2023


The US and the world woke up on October 7th to a horrific and barbaric terrorist attack on civilians in Israel. Israel soon declared war against Hamas and the geopolitical tensions rose significantly as pundits, analysts and traders tried to analyze all possible scenarios. After a quick reversal, markets traded the rest of the month with an unease that the dangerous situation could suddenly escalate, spiral and engulf the world into a broader conflict.

Our models had a strong start to the month but we were positioned incorrectly over the weekend during the attack on Israel and the subsequent market activity was much more difficult. We ended October down in Macro Diversified and up slightly in Smart Alpha 2x.