The 35-year Price Chart of the S&P but BROADWAY

October 27, 2022



You know we don’t just focus on excellent investment performance, we like to bring musical performance to our investors as well. Some of you may remember our “Investment Wisdom of Carmen” opera presentation a few years ago. This time, we were proud to bring Broadway stars to London, Geneva and my home in New York. Performers included Meghan Picerno [LINK to BIO], star of Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, along with two equally adept Broadway leading men, to perform “Broadway Lights/Market Nights,”. This is possibly the only work of theatre ever to derive its plot entirely from the 35-year price chart of the S&P 500 and songs from the greatest hits of Broadway. We think it worked well, but we’ll let our audiences, and hopefully you, be the judge. [LINK to Recording] I’ll spoil the ending by noting that like today’s markets, we leave things highly ambiguous and rather tense.