May 26 & 27, 2020 – Roy presented at the VTT Investor Forum (slippers optional)

May 19, 2020

Our Founder and President, Roy Niederhoffer, participated in Typhon Capital’s first annual Virtual Tactical Trading Investor Forum In May 2020. He spoke on 2 panels, one on Trading in the Age of Corona – What Worked, What Didn’t and the other on Cryptocurrency Outlook. Following the panels, RGN hosted virtual investor roundtables for those attendees who want to hear more about our strategy and how we earned our Top Performer ranking for Q1.

Attendees listened in to engage with peers, all from the comfort of their own home offices—slippers optional.

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More About Virtual Tactical Trading Investor Forum

In light of the tactical trading space’s significant market outperformance in Q1’20, several investors have requested a virtual cap intro event for both our own managers, and other who delivered uncorrelated alpha during the current crisis. Uniformly, every manager that we’ve invited to our past Tactical Trading Investor Forums significantly outperformed the S&P during this time of unprecedented volatility.

We see elevated volatility levels persisting for at least 18-24 months from here, so it’s very timely for investors to learn more about tactical trading which can capitalize on these unusual market conditions. As we have discussed at all previous conferences, allocators always require strategies with independent return drivers in markets outside of traditional equities and bonds portfolios.

We are officially announcing our first annual VTTIF on May 26th and 27th with an online event combining educational panel content and roundtables with all content being delivered by managers and investors active in the space. The May 26th event will be timed for UK and European investors, running from noon BST (7am EDT) to 1800 BST (1pm EDT). May 27th will be timed for east and west coast US investors beginning at 10am EDT through 2pm EDT.

Given the concern over healthcare-related issues, we will also have the head of the Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research, Dr. John Goodman, giving the Keynote on the healthcare policy initiatives the COVID-19 Pandemic has accelerated. All ticket proceeds will be donated to the Goodman Institute.

While we can’t deliver the relaxed and luxurious in-person experience past TTIF attendees are accustomed to you, we are hopeful that we will be able to see you all in person soon and have tentatively rescheduled the NYC Tactical Trading Investor Forum for September 16th and hope that Miami will continue as planned for December 7th and 8th.


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